It’s hard to throw a rock these days and not hit a CBD product.

They’re everywhere but one thing is for sure; not all CBD is created equal.

The number one thing to look for in a CBD product is that it is 100% organic.

Industrial hemp grows so fast and that means that whatever is in the soil will be sucked right up into the stock of the plant and potentially into your body. You don’t want that to be pesticides or heavy metals.

By purchasing from a reputable brand such as American Shaman, you know you can count on your product being followed all the way from the soil to the store.

Many other companies white label their product, meaning they purchase the oil from a 3rd party and then slap their label on it without knowing where it came from and who the grower is.

Furthermore, the U.S. Hemp Authority offers a rigorous certification program for hemp manufacturers, in an effort to support self-regulation in the industry while still providing assurances for wary customers.

In addition to providing a safe product, American Shaman also utilizes nanotechnology to ensure a higher absorption rate for more effective relief. So, no matter if you buy your CBD oil at a CBD store, a doctor’s office or a gas station, make sure you have an organic oil that is going to do your body good as well as one that works so you’re not throwing your money down the drain.

The most effective use of CBD oil for total mind and body wellness is to take it daily like a vitamin regimen. In doing so, you’re continuously replenishing the receptors of your body’s endocannabinoid system which are found throughout your body.

When your ECS is up and running, it can identify any imbalances in your body by making sure every hormone is doing it’s job and every system is functioning optimally.

When you first start taking a quality CBD supplement, you’re jumpstarting the natural healing process and little by little, homeostasis (your body’s optimal balance where you look and feel your very best) is the end result. Each individual has different imbalances and it takes everyone various lengths of time to achieve their goal with CBD; whether it’s anxiety and depression or pain or insomnia, etc.

The most important thing when you first begin taking a quality CBD oil is consistency. We recommend taking at least 5mg twice daily to continuously replenish those receptors and if you’re in bad shape, more than one mode of delivery will speed up the process. For example; for pain, you may want to use a topical as well as taking the oil by mouth every day to get to that inflammation from the inside out and outside in.

There are several ways you can use CBD on a more as-needed basis such as with the cream on an achy joint or using gummies as needed for a particularly stressful situation (right before a speech in front of 100 people) but the most recommended is every day for a more preventative approach so that hopefully, you can keep that anxiety or pain from creeping up on you in the first place.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, extracts of hemp are 100% legal as long as they contain .3% THC or less.

Many people ask if they will feel tired or some kind of high, leaving you light headed, loopy or “a little out of it.” CBD actually blocks THC from entering the receptor so there is no psychoactive effect from consuming the hemp extract even though it may contain traces of THC.

Conversely, the goal is to actually feel more alert, energized and focused throughout the day as you get a deeper, higher quality sleep at night. Our customers are looking for relief and the good news is you don’t have to get high to get help!