CBD for your D.O.G. (and other pets)

Cbd For Pets

~CBD for your PET~
I had never heard of separation anxiety concerning animals until we opened the shop. I never thought about the ways that anxiety presents itself in our furry little friends. Now I know and they are becoming some of our biggest customers. We see and hear some pretty awesome things on a daily basis. Here are some concerning our pets:

I’ve had customers fed up with finding their belongings ripped to shreds upon returning from a long hard day at work. Another customer had their neighbors complain of incessant barking as soon as they leave for the day. Another worried about their cat licking their fur clean off their belly. And with this fierce and frequent stormy spring, our shelves have been cleared off more than once for pets that suffer from storm anxiety. And then there’s the nasty pain and seizures that can come with age.

The best news is that our customers are coming back for more and telling us how pleasantly surprised they are with the results.

We’ve had customers tell us that they actually like their hot mess of a dog or cat… again, even more or even for the first time ever. We’ve heard that it’s made their old dog more like a puppy again. We’ve heard how happy it makes them that their dog can jump up on the bed unassisted once again. We’ve heard they now have a couple more years to love on their pet whereas they were considering putting them down before. We’ve heard that their dog went from having dozens of seizures a day to zero the very first time they administered the CBD. We’ve heard that they don’t have to worry about their dog puking in the car on road trips anymore. We’ve heard that they don’t have to avoid having company over anymore because of their overprotective dog that would continuously bark and snap at visitors. We’ve heard that they no longer struggle with their animal when it came to vet and grooming trips. We’ve had dogs on chemo treatments using CBD to combat symptoms and shrink tumors.

Whatever it is that your pet is going through, CBD just might be the answer to get your best friend back to good.

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