My story (Kara)

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My name is Kara Jordan and I’m a mother of 2, wife, Sunday school teacher, and cancer survivor. These identities all relate to my main passions in life and the ability to shout the greatness of CBD from the mountaintops is a dream come true and why we are here. I had a great career as a speech therapist. I mean I got to play board games and roll around on the floor with kids all week. Don’t get me wrong it was high-pressure and unpredictable but I loved it and I was good at it. So, why ditch a promising career that I had invested so much time and money into?

I didn’t know it then but it all started almost 13 years ago. When I was 23 years old, I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that stopped me in my tracks. In an effort to figure out how in the world I could have received such a diagnosis so young, I poured myself into the research. What I found out was that I had been pumping my body full of toxins my entire life so that’s when my obsession with health and wellness first kicked off. I had always been active and, at the time, I believed that fat was the enemy (curse that whole low-fat craze!). I quickly realized that most everything I believed about a “healthy diet” was completely wrong and, in my opinion, a big part of my tumor development dealt with not giving my body the healthy fats that it needed as building blocks. My body was starving for nutrients. That’s when I turned my body into a nutrient dence food processing machine and also when I learned to listen to my body which changed everything.

I read and watched everything I could get my hands on related to health and fitness, especially natural remedies and how to rid the body of toxins. CBD popped up on my radar a couple of year ago. I have an artificial knee and femur from my battle with bone cancer and it left me with limited range of motion. This means that sitting, standing or walking for long periods of time all had me icing my leg at the end of the day. Then, I tried CBD. I started taking it for pain and quickly discovered a host of other benefits including improved sleep, mood, metabolism and relief from work-related stress and life-related anxiety. That first month, I was googling benefits of CBD left and right to see if it may have had a hand in the greatness that I was experiencing from day to day. It wasn’t a burst of euphoria or energy. It was subtle but recognizable…more like the absence of some of these negative emotions and feelings as well as nuisances like brain fog and disrupted sleep.  Simply put, I was feeling the best version of myself consistently. Naturally, I read up on how my clients could benefit as well after finding a few scientific studies linking CBD to help with Autism behaviors and stroke recovery. I saw several lives change last summer… parents able to communicate with their kiddos for the first time in their life and improved memory and mood for a client recovering from a stroke. Dusty, my husband, found the relief related to his aches and pains from a labor-intensive job as well as from anxiety. He also found it easier to focus throughout the day and we both found that we weren’t reaching for that beer at the end of a long hard day nearly as often.

Needless to say, we began telling our friends and family about it. We began looking into the history of hemp health and were infuriated to find the facts behind why it was prohibited in the first place being that it has been ingrained in human civilization for thousands of years. We joined a movement to help pulverize the stigma surrounding this miracle plant and bring natural wellness to our community. We truly believe hemp can and will save the world and are determined to tell how and why to anyone who will listen. Plus, we’re tired of popping all these pills for every little symptom. Our bodies are perfectly capable of handling many of them when given the right tools. Come on in and we’ll tell you as much as you want to know!

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